Yoga Sun Salutation Music – 432 Hz Blissful Yoga Music

Yoga Sun Salutation Music - 432 Hz Blissful Yoga Music

Enhance your yoga sun salutation practice by listening to this blissful music for yoga. Surya Namaskara or Salute to the Sun is one of the most widespread yoga sequences that holds great benefits to the body and mind. The 432 Hz music is considered to be in tune with the frequency of the universe, thus bringing natural harmony and balance.

In the words of the composer:
“I wrote the music with the sun in my mind and imagined a slow steady pace of waking up and seeing the sun… when the flute comes in, feeling majestic with the sun in my eyes and arms up in the air; the violin brings a touch of classical music to give the impression of power from the sun… the Chinese guitar brings some more color to the piece, and the background bell keeps it all flowing along until a slow fade out.”

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