What Book to Read? 10 Books That Will Help You Grow

What Book to Read

When was the last time you were captivated by a book so much that you would read it cover to cover, hurry up to share it with friends, and implement what you’ve learned from it in your life?

If you’re standing at a crossroads wondering what book to read or which way to go, be open to receive the gift of these 10 books that will help you grow.

1) Supercoach
by Michael Neill

This book can spark your own insights and deliver a transformational coaching experience. Each chapter is designed as a coaching session full of powerful questions and takeaways. Get ready for a paradigm shift and a ton of breakthrough moments while reading.

2) The Five Love Languages
by Gary Chapman

Something peculiar about relationships is even though love exists, we might find it hard to communicate and express it. What matters the most to you may not be the same as what matters to your partner. By understanding the five love languages, you will be able to give and receive love in a more meaningful way.

3) The Practice of Happiness
by John Kehoe

Seeking to unlock the mystery of happiness, the author takes us on a journey to some of the remote corners of Africa, Australia, India, and North America. Little did he know that he would find the answer in an unexpected place. This profound message could be summarized in only one sentence, which the book is going to reveal.

4) Mindset
by Carol Dweck

It is mind-boggling how a simple belief about ourselves can spread through every area of our lives. Do you think that your qualities are set in stone, or are they something you can cultivate through efforts? It all boils down to the difference between a Fixed Mindset and a Growth Mindset, between who you are today and who you can be.

5) The Greatness Guide
by Robin Sharma

Mastering the day, putting mind over mattress, and speaking like a superstar are just a handful of the 101 lessons that are portrayed in the book. These quick, engaging stories contain true nuggets of wisdom. You are called to greatness, and those pages could be your roadmap toward it.

6) The Power of Now
by Eckhart Tolle

What time is it? This enlightening read is the kind that you would want to take in slowly, purposefully and let each idea sink in deeply. The mind has strategies for avoiding the now. And that is all there is in existence, a series of present moments.

7) The Truth
by Neil Strauss

Subtitled An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships, the text fulfills its promise. In his search for love, the author arrives at realizations about his relationships with family, women, and self. Read with caution because the underlying theme of this book is Commitment.

8) Principles
by Ray Dalio

A billionaire investor shares the very same principles which led to his success: life and work. Games have principles, which successful players master. So does nature. In a structured manner, the book goes straight to the point of the most fundamental life principles and management principles.

9) Ask and It Is Given
by Esther and Jerry Hicks

It is common sense that you will not receive without asking, or is it? You only hear what you’re ready to hear and comprehend. This book includes 22 practical processes that will bring you closer to your desires. Allow your feelings to guide you.

10) Success Built to Last
by Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery, and Mark Thompson

Here, you will not read about reality show or magazine stars, charismatic personalities who come and go. This work is a result of interviews with more than 200 people who have achieved lasting success, one that has endured time and change for at least 20 years. The only Big success is the sustainable success attained by serving a cause larger than yourself.

Bonus Book: Expectation Hangover
by Christine Hassler

When things go according to the plan, we feel great and on track. But when life doesn’t follow our expectations, we might crash and end up having expectation hangovers. Embrace the practical advice and tangible tools detailed in the book to address such situations holistically: on an emotional, mental, behavioral, and spiritual level.

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