Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year – Names & Symbolic Meaning

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year - Names & Symbolic Meaning

Each wedding anniversary is a special occasion and an opportunity to reflect on your journey as a married couple. In many parts of the world, wedding anniversaries are given a certain name and have a gift associated with it depending on the number of years you’re celebrating.

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year:

1st wedding anniversaryPaper
2nd wedding anniversaryCotton
3rd wedding anniversaryLeather
4th wedding anniversary Linen / Fruit & Flowers
5th wedding anniversary – Wood

6th wedding anniversaryIron / Sugar
7th wedding anniversaryCopper
8th wedding anniversaryBronze
9th wedding anniversaryWillow / Clay
10th wedding anniversaryTin

11th wedding anniversary Steel
12th wedding anniversarySilk
13th wedding anniversaryLace
14th wedding anniversaryIvory
15th wedding anniversaryCrystal

20th wedding anniversaryChina
25th wedding anniversarySilver
30th wedding anniversary Pearl
35th wedding anniversary Coral
40th wedding anniversary Ruby

45th wedding anniversary Sapphire
50th wedding anniversary Gold
55th wedding anniversaryEmerald
60th wedding anniversaryDiamond
65th wedding anniversaryBlue Sapphire

70th wedding anniversaryPlatinum
80th wedding anniversaryOak
85th wedding anniversaryMoonstone
90th wedding anniversary Stone

May this remarkable day for you be a true celebration of love!

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