Why You Must Learn Touch Typing

Why You Must Learn Touch Typing

Being good at typing is the enemy of being great at it. Learn more about the benefits of touch typing and why developing your typing skills is a great investment.

Out of all computer skills required in the workplace, there is one key skill that has remained extremely undervalued by employers. In fact, this single skill has the potential to enhance your personal productivity, the productivity of your team and even – why not? – your organization.


Touch typing is the ability to type without looking at the keys. Your sight remains focused on the screen while your fingers use muscle memory to type. So far nothing special. Indeed, it is common, and many people would intuitively learn to do so by themselves.

Many people, including me. I was confident in my capacity to type fast until I took a typing speed test. Then I took it again and again, spending hours trying to beat my personal best score. The realization came when with all the sweat and efforts I had put in, I could hardly reach 60-70 words per minute.

Here is a clue: nobody taught me how to type on a keyboard before. I learned it by myself, and I was doing reasonably well, better than most. Having said that, the reality was that the positioning of my hands on the keyboard was not optimal. I was typing with 8 fingers, not with all 10, leaving my underutilized pinky fingers hanging in the air.

With this and other flaws in the foundation, I could reach high but still far from my current speed of 90-100 words per minute. The only way to grow was to unlearn and relearn the very basics – what’s true in typing is true in life.


  • Touch typing is a compellingly easy-to-learn skill
  • It is available to you and everyone who is using a keyboard to type
  • Touch typing increases speed, accuracy, and efficiency
  • You can learn touch typing within a month
  • It’s at low to no cost
  • Once acquired, the skill could serve you for a lifetime


Touch typing saves you time – it really does.

Whether you’re writing emails, documents, or simple comments, being able to speed up this process would give you much freedom and confidence when dealing with typing regardless of your gender, age, level, or designation.

On a larger scale, what will be the impact on your organization if the employees improve their typing speed by 30%, 50%, or 100%? Not after a couple of years but in a month.

Give touch typing a try today. Sign up for an online typing course, follow the guided lessons, and soon enough you will see the results.

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