☀️ Life Proverbs From Around the World – 25 Insightful Sayings About Life

Life Proverbs From Around the World - 25 Insightful Sayings About Life

What do different cultures say about life? What can we learn from the wise people of the world? There is plenty that has been said on the subject of life, and some sayings have passed the test of time. Gain new insights through these 25 life proverbs that come from all around the globe.

Life is like this: sometimes sun, sometimes rain.
Fijian proverb

No man is quick enough to enjoy life to the full.
– Spanish proverb

You should climb Mount Fujiyama once in your life. Climb it twice and you’re a fool.
– Japanese proverb

For the concert of life, no one receives a program.
– Dutch proverb

Few desires, happy life.
Moroccan proverb

Consider each day of your life to be the best.
Czech proverb

The highest art is the art of living an ordinary life in an extraordinary manner.
Tibetan proverb

One short step lengthens life.
Romanian proverb

Those who are at one regarding food are at one in life.
Malawian proverb

Life is so short we must move very slowly.
Thai proverb

A smile will gain you ten more years of life.
Chinese proverb

You have to take life as it happens, but you should try to make it happen the way you want to take it.
German proverb

Books provide knowledge, life furnishes understanding.
Hebrew proverb

Every life has its joy, every joy its law.
Danish proverb

Life is like the flame of a lamp; it needs a little oil now and then.
Indian proverb

Your dog wishes you a long life.
Russian proverb

A life without love is like a year without summer.
Swedish proverb

There’s no life so tiring as one of doing nothing.
Mexican proverb

Life is a ladder – some will climb up it, others down.
Bulgarian proverb

If a tree is not consumed by insects from within, it can live for a thousand years.
Turkmen proverb

A man is not where he lives, but where he loves.
Latin proverb

There is life in the rain.
Hawaiian proverb

Life can be understood backwards, but we live it forwards.
Swahili proverb

Children are the reward of life.
Congolese proverb

A merry heart makes a long life.
English proverb

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