Why Have a Coach – 10 Benefits of Life Coaching for You

Why Have a Coach - 10 Great Benefits of Life Coaching

What can you benefit from working with a coach? This video serves as an overview of what a coaching experience can bring to your life. Do feel free to share your comments about coaching and how it’s impacted you.

Whatever I say about the benefits of coaching will be as if me describing a concept. If you have been referred to this video or have found it in the search results, my wish for you is to see through the words, make the next step, and experience a powerful coaching conversation yourself.

That said, here are some fair expectations you can have from working with a professional coach.

1) Sharing

If you find yourself overthinking or bottling up your feelings, a life coach is a person who will hold a safe space for you and allow you to articulate what’s on your mind. Just the mere act of having someone to talk to can be highly beneficial.

2) Presence

Coaches are professional listeners. Unlike friends or family members who often have their own opinion about your life, a coach is not there to judge you or jump into giving advice. Instead, she will focus on you and stay fully present throughout the conversation.

3) Powerful questions

What’s a distinctive strength of a trained coach is his ability to ask the right questions. Those may be obvious, curious, or provocative questions, which when posed well can bring amazing insights.

So why is that important?
What if you discover that what you’ve considered a problem is not the real problem? What if you find out that what you’ve wanted hardly scratches the surface of your true desires? When you experience an insight, it is transformative and can be a game-changer for you.

4) Clarity

Coaching conversations lead to more clarity. You increase your awareness about who you are and what is meaningful to you. That is a major step toward setting clearer goals and attaining them.

5) Less blind spots

A coach can help you imagine a greater possibility for yourself. She can also draw your attention to any blind spots you may have.

We know ourselves best. Yet, in our daily lives, we tend to follow the same routines and behaviors, so certain things may remain hidden from our sight. Coaching provides a fresh perspective and a new set of ideas about how to approach a situation.

6) Accountability

When it comes to taking action, you will not be alone in it. A coach makes an excellent accountability partner. He can be with you every step of the way, even when the going gets tough.

Procrastination is not uncommon. However, when we make a commitment, decide on a timeline, and discuss it with a coach, chances are we will do it and not want to break our word.

7) Results

The combination of clarity, goals, and action steps breeds tangible results. How do we know that? Well, you’re closer to what you really want in life and/or experiencing it in the moment. In each coaching session, you usually define your desired outcomes and what success looks like for you. The coach is there to guide you and keep you on track.

8) Tools

Another benefit of working with a trained professional is that she has likely coached other people who have faced similar challenges as you. Coaches typically come across a lot of valuable tools and resources, which now you’ll have direct access to. Furthermore, coaching can awaken your innate ability to be resourceful.

Before we conclude, these are a couple of more important benefits of working with a coach.

9) Consistency

Having regular coaching conversations supports you in building new habits and lifestyles. Coaching is not a one-off event. It’s a process, and that is the beauty of it. The consistency you develop by showing up for your coaching is transferable to other areas of your life.

10) Availability

A professional coach is someone you can reach out to when most needed. Scheduling a quick online call with your coach before an important event or decision-making is an easy and convenient option. Having a coach in your corner at those moments is something that can make a ton of difference.

If you would like to learn more about coaching, check out the next video where we talk about some of its unexpected benefits.

And remember, it’s your experience that matters.

Thank you for reading and sharing this post.
Now, it’s your move.

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